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CSS3-which way to go

June 6, 2008 Posted by

Many people feel that the first version of CSS was a breakthrough – it’s hard to disagree with that. CSS2 was received somewhat less enthusiastically – a lot of people were pointing to the fact that there was no clear vision for the further development of this standard. Time flies quickly, and 10 years after the birth of CSS1 a new version (CSS3) is looming in the horizon. There are a lot of voices of support and criticism (which is prevailing). When cruising the blogosphere, I found at a very interesting article on the evolution of CSS – (strongly critical).
The article is written by Alex Russell, who believes that such important issues as inheritance and variable replacement should have been already implemented in CSS 2. It turns out that you can’t find these either in the CSS 3 draft. Instead, the people working on the development of CSS focus on less ambitious goals. The fact is that, at the moment, the question of inheritance is highly neglected, although CSS is somehow handling this issue. Sometimes, you want to import one uniquely “named” class (previously defined) into another. Unfortunately, such a mixing is disallowed, and you have to hardcode the values, which unnecessarily inflate the entire code.